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Diving In … Dallas Digital Summit 2012

This year was a year of learning for me.  I forced myself into the deep end by going head-first into the world of social media.  No baby steps for me.  One of the smartest and impulsive things I did was register for the inaugural event of The Dallas Digital Summit.  Don’t get me wrong, I … Continue reading

Who’s Who on Your Social Network

How many social networks are you on?  There are plenty out there, like: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Google+ FourSquare Tumblr Flickr  MySpace and so much more! Now, how do you interact with everyone on each of your social networks?If you’re a small business, then knowing the demographics of the people online should definitely be a priority. … Continue reading

The Social Media Evolution

Do you remember the first time you interacted online socially? Mine was back in 1998, when I received my 1st computer.  I remember getting on AOL chat with my girlfriends during slumber parties and trying to see what guys we knew were online from schools around the area.   Yes, this was the thing to … Continue reading

Life In The Fast Lane

Lately I’ve been attending more networking events, seminars, and marketing forums.  Attending each has broadened my insight into different variables dealing with Social Media Marketing.  I have always advocated the need for attending these events but I’ve never packed more than two in a month but the past month I’ve attended five…read it FIVE!  I’m … Continue reading

North Texas Giving Day…A Project Turns Personal.

As most of you know, I’m a Senior Marketing student at The University of Texas-Dallas.  In one of the classes I’m taking this semester, a project was assigned to work with a non-profit in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for North Texas Giving Day.  I would be working with Volunteers of America – Texas on building … Continue reading

Does It Ever End?!?!?!?!?

I’ve come to the realization that education is not something that you just do in school…unfortunately. When I decided to go freelance with Social Media strategizing/consulting, I figured that I knew quite a few things and I could easily pick up on anything that I needed to use along the way.  Man, was I wrong. … Continue reading

What Day Is It?

June 2023

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