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Does It Ever End?!?!?!?!?

I’ve come to the realization that education is not something that you just do in school…unfortunately.

When I decided to go freelance with Social Media strategizing/consulting, I figured that I knew quite a few things and I could easily pick up on anything that I needed to use along the way.  Man, was I wrong.  Not only am I constantly having to scout out information online but I’m also one of those crazies you see asking millions of questions at any networking/meet-up that I can attend.  There’s just so much freaking information out there, that I don’t know if my brain can hold it all in!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.  I actually love learning all the new platforms that come out, testing out all the new concepts/ideas on the clients that are close friends & family (you know, because they’re usually a bit more forgiving when I say “oops” and the site we’ve been working on for hours just disappears), and just being ahead of the masses when it comes to business marketing.  BUT…I never realized I’d be putting in this much work and these types of hours!!

I’m a full-time college student (I feel as though my Sr. year is never-ending itself), a full-time social media consultant, and now a full-time business owner.  So, not only am I having to learn a ton of stuff for my classes (4 classes = 12 hours/wk) but I’m also having to learn new social media skills and how to run a successful Mary Kay business on top of it all.  I’ve come to the conclusion that my idea of fun must be self-torture.

So here I am, just a lil after 12am on a Thursday night/Friday morning and I’m blogging away about my lack of love for education after spending the past 2 hours doing research/reading articles/finding new people to connect with for my social media part of life; brainstorming marketing ideas, organizing customer orders, and making my goal lists for Mary Kay success; and trying to not think about all the midterms I just finished up over the past 2 weeks with another round of tests coming up in 2 weeks for school…oh and did I mention that I have a weekend full of homework that I’m staring at?

So, yup.  The thought that once you’re out of school you’ll never have to do homework again….out the window.  I honestly think being an entrepreneur in 2 business ventures is definitely harder than trying to graduate from business school at this point.  What have I gotten myself into and when will I ever have time for a life???  At least I may end up with a successful career though….at least I better with all this crazy hard work and time I’m putting in.  I refuse to fail if I’m having to constantly educate myself like this because I won’t let my time be wasted (and I figure with all this knowledge I’m cramming in, I have no reason to fail), right?

And so it continues.  I may be tired, I may be stretching myself thin at times, but at least I’m doing something I love.  I love helping others with social media, I love my Mary Kay business, and I love the fact that I’ll be graduating soon with my BS in Marketing from UTD …and if my mom has her way, I’ll be working towards my MS right after.  Oh Asian moms and the goals for their children.

PS…if anyone has any tips of tricks they can share for dealing with the overwhelming sense of WTF …it’d be definitely greatly appreciated.  I’m at a loss at how some of you do it!

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About Ana S.

A social media / networking junkie in Dallas, TX. I love to experience everything that life has to throw at me and learn from it. I'll share my thoughts, views, ideas with you and hope that you'll share back with me!


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