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Diving In … Dallas Digital Summit 2012

This year was a year of learning for me.  I forced myself into the deep end by going head-first into the world of social media.  No baby steps for me.  One of the smartest and impulsive things I did was register for the inaugural event of The Dallas Digital Summit.  Don’t get me wrong, I was nervous to attend.  All these thoughts started to race in my mind…

“these are going to be professionals, the information is going to be wayyyyy above what I know, they’re so gonna realize I’m an idiot”

BUT I pushed myself and went anyhow…and am I glad I did!  The minute I sat down and looked around me, I felt at home.  Everyone was tweeting, checking their networks, talking social media lingo, exchanging ideas….it was at that moment, I realized I wasn’t crazy and that people with passion were all around me (and no one thought I was an idiot for being so social media happy…woohoo!).  AnaSantellana DallasDigital

Attending the Summit was probably one of the BEST things I did for my career in 2012.  It gave me a chance to network within the DFW social media community and to expand my reach.  I talked with people who developed social media tools that I use, learned about new apps that I could utilize, and listened intently to the speakers that presented at the sessions I attended.  I never realized how much I would learn from just a 2-day event!  Not only that, but by tweeting like a mad woman while at the event on the sessions I was attending my Twitter follow count increased by over 40 people AND it led to 4 job interviews!  Seeing as how these were people in agencies, at companies, in start-ups all attending and tweeting…they were open to networking and recruiting talent and I was open to moving forward with my career, so it worked out perfectly!

Overall, the 2-day event definitely opened my eyes and gave me that push to want to continue on this path.  I realized that just because my circle of friends don’t really understand what I do or why I do it, there are others out there that do and have the same crazy passion for it as I do.  I learned a vast amount about the different aspects of Digital Media (which will be covered in subsequent posts) and some of the information I even used in my class projects; which, I believe helped lead me to my new role as a Social Media Marketer for ReTrak by Emerge Technologies.  By implementing what I learned, I elevated myself and I couldn’t think of a better outcome for such an impulsive decision.


About Ana S.

A social media / networking junkie in Dallas, TX. I love to experience everything that life has to throw at me and learn from it. I'll share my thoughts, views, ideas with you and hope that you'll share back with me!


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