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It’s time to find a job … Part 3

Let’s get straight to the good stuff.  You’ve got your newly edited resume, you’ve reached out to your inner circle for referrals, now what do you do…??  Network some more of course!

Step 3:  Live/Breathe/Love SOCIAL NETWORKING!!!
Oh yes.  We’re expanding the networking step.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 10-15 years, you’ve heard about MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, BranchOut, G+, Twitter, and so on and so forth.  You’re even probably on one or more of these sites, I’m on quite a few myself.  

Now you’re probably thinking how these sites can help you find a job.  You keep saying, “my friends on Facebook already know I’m looking for a job and they’re no help” or “I’m already on LinkedIn but still haven’t found a job”.  My response…rethink your approach and try again.  There’s a reason these sites are called social NETWORKING sites and not social “stalking/sheep throwing/here’s my 12th status update of the day/I’ll join and do nothing” sites.  You have to utilize your resources to work for you.  Here’s what I  did to make each site work for me during my job hunt.

Facebook/G+:  I didn’t realize how many of my friends were willing to share info on available jobs at their company, introduce me to people they know, or even just give me advice on places I should look into.  Literally, after a few seconds of putting up a post asking my Facebook friends about leads, I had so many comment posts that I couldn’t keep up!!!

What most people do wrong in this step is just put up a status update telling people that they lost their job or about how they should get a job soon.  Stop telling people these things, their response is to be sympathetic; rather, ask for job openings that your friends may know of and they’ll respond with useful information that you can use.

LinkedIn/BranchOut: This is a MUST HAVE RESOURCE.  If you’re not already on either or both, sign up NOW.  I’ll be honest and say that I haven’t played around too much on BranchOut but LinkedIn has proven to be a great networking site for me and I’ve actually learned a lot in the process of job hunting.

LinkedIn not only lets you post your printed resume on its site, but it also integrates it into a virtual resume.  Your profile page lets you add more content to the virtual resume, which is helpful because it gives you examples to use.

One of my favorite parts of LinkedIn is the recommendations section!!!!  If you’ve ever needed a good reference, you’ll understand my absolute adoration for this part.  You can request your former boss/coworker/professor for a recommendation post on your profile page/virtual resume and it will post for anyone who views your page to read!  Such a great way for potential employers to read all your accolades and get a sense of who you are.

I actually had a few interviews due to my LinkedIn profile; specifically due to the recruiter reading the recommendations posted from former coworkers and boss.  These interviews proved a great learning experience for myself too.  It helped me form a great “elevator pitch”, realize where I needed to practice my approach, and experience new interview mediums like being interviewed via Skype!

Utilizing your social networks the correct way allows you to have a wider reach than one has had in the past when job hunting.  Don’t just think of these sites as a place to reconnect with old friends and share pictures with family…instead use these sites to benefit you in the best possible way.

Reach out to people you normally wouldn’t have.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  And remember…social networking sites are there to help you, not hinder you!!! 

About Ana S.

A social media / networking junkie in Dallas, TX. I love to experience everything that life has to throw at me and learn from it. I'll share my thoughts, views, ideas with you and hope that you'll share back with me!


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